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Heather Thomas bio
Greenwich, Connecticut native Heather Thomas is an actress who made the transition from acting in front of the camera to writing scripts for movies and shows immediately after her graduation from the Santa Monica High School. Born on the 8th of September in 1957, Heather first tried her hand in acting back in 1978 while attending the UCLA Film School. Among her first roles were in the TV series' Co-ed Fever in 1979 and The Fall Guy as Jody Banks, opposite Lee Majors in 1981. Several years later, Heather made big screen appearances in the hit teen movie Zapped and Cyclone. This was then followed by more roles in TV shows like Ford: The Man and the Machine, Hoover vs. The Kennedy's: The Second Civil War, and The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission. By 1998, Heather Thomas decided to stop being an actress and focus on her other talent and love, which was screenplay writing. She had problems regarding her cocaine addiction and she battled this for a long time until she succeeded in 1980. Heather Thomas has been happily married to Skip Brittenham since 1992, and she has a daughter named India Rose.

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