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Hudson Leick bio
Hollywood actress Heidi Hudson Leick's date of birth is on the 9th of May 1969. She was originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, but relocated to Rochester, New York to study high school. Before becoming an actress, Hudson became a model in Japan. She had her acting debut in 1992 when she appeared in one episode of CBS Schoolbreak Special and since then appeared in several TV series including the drama series "Law & Order" and sci-fi series "Knight Rider 2010". In 1995, Hudson finally had a starring role in the teen series "Melrose Place" and did ten episodes of that series. She became famous for playing the character of Callisto in the series "Xena: Warrior Princess", but decided to take a break from that show to find other opportunities. Since then, Hudson made appearances in other TV series such as "7th Heaven", "CSI", "A.I. Assault", "Touched by an Angel" and the pilot episode for "Tru Calling". Her latest films were "One, Two, Many", "Unconditional" and soon to be released "Paris Connections", where she plays the character of Coco DeVille.

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