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Ione Skye bio
Hollywood actress Ione Skye Lee was born Ione Skye Leitch on the 4th of September 1970 in Hertfordshire, England. Her father is Scottish folk singer and songwriter Donovan and her mother is model Enid Karl. Ione moved to the U.S. and grew up in California and Connecticut. Ione's film debut was in the movie "River's Edge" in 1986. A year after that, she became a teen idol for her role as Diane Court in the romantic comedy "Say Anything", opposite famous actor John Cusack in 1989. Ione also got the lead role in the British film "The Rachel Papers" in 1989. She appeared in several TV shows such as "Covington Cross" and films such as "Zodiac" by David Fincher in 2007. Ione dated Anthony Kiedis of the rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers. She was married to Adam Horovitz of the rap trio Beastie Boys until 1998. A year after that, she had a relationship with model/actress Jenny Shimizu. Ione's next relationship was with David Netto who is a furniture designer and they have a daughter together. In 2008, she got married to musician Ben Lee and they also have a daughter together.

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