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Isabel Madow bio
Born October 5, 1973, Isabel Madow is one of Mexico's popular models and actresses in the country. This blonde's genetic advantages are her clear, eggshell white complexion, sophisticated grace, and striking features. Compared to other models, Isabel often wears glasses even while in photo shoots or catwalk appearances. However, instead of losing projects, she became even more known by the glasses. Isabel's career started in TV, when she played a silent secretary of Victor Trujillo's Bozo the Clown character. After that, she left the show in order to join the Big Brother VIP Mexican edition. She was next invited to join in Spain's version of the said reality show. It was during this show where Isabel was caught on film, as she was being intimate with a fellow contestant. In May 2005, Isabel Madow once again generated publicity when she appeared in Playboy magazine Mexican edition's cover. Her stint bought her popularity to new heights, making her even more known in the country. While busy with her plans to be a singer, Isabel is currently starring in a theater play.

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