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Ivanka Trump bio
Most popularly known as the offspring of Ivana and Donald Trump, Ivanka Marie Trump is a fashion model and businesswoman who is at present the Vice President of the Trump Organization's Real Estate Development and Acquisitions. Born on October 30, 1981, Ivanka proves that she not inherited her mother's charms, but also her father's cunning business mind when she graduated from the Unity of Pennsylvania with the Latin Honor Magna Cum Laude. The story behind her being a model is a colorful one, and the Trump family is perhaps eager to tell it. During the time that Ivanka was a student at the Choate Rosemary Hall, she needed money to pay for her phone bills. Instead of asking money from her rich father, Ivanka decided to become a model when she was sixteen. She was then featured on the cover of Seventeen Magazine back in 1997. After that, she became a model for Thierry Mugler, Marc Bouwer, and Versace, as she walked the runway wearing their creations. After that she was featured in ad campaigns for Sassoon Jeans and Tommy Hilfiger.

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