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Jamie Lee Curtis bio
Any child of successful and well-known actors may have a difficult time trying to prove that they are different from their parents, and Jaime Lee Curtis was not exempted from this. Born in Los Angeles California on November 22, 1958 to Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, Jaime initially planned to take up social work when she studied in California's University of the Pacific, but she dropped out so she could pursue her dream of being an actress. After debuting in an episode of the series Colombo and starring in the TV series Operation Petticoat, Jaime starred as Laurie Strode in the classic horror movie Halloween in 1978. Her next films were mainly in similar horror movies, thus earning her the title "scream queen." However, it was in comedy that Jaime found a large number of fans, when she was in the movie A Fish Called Wanda. This was then followed by the blockbuster hit True Lies. In 2003, Jaime got a great role in the Disney's movie, Freaky Friday, opposite Lindsay Lohan, where she impressed the fans from both her generation and the ones younger.

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