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Jane March bio
English actress Jane March, born on March 20, 1973 in Edgware London is a Eurasian beauty who has made several movies in different countries wherein she was the lead star. Her beautiful looks are a mix of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Spanish. She was a model by the age of 14 due to her win at a local modeling contest. By the time she was 15, Jane became one of the most successful and top teenage models in the fashion industry. Appearing in many ads, Jane caught the attention of filmmakers who gave her the lead role of a young lady in the movie The Lover. She was only 18 years old at that time. Her performance for that movie made her popularly known as "The Sinner from Pinner (a suburb in London where Jane grew up in)." Due to the fact that Jane was only 18 and new in acting, the production used not less than five body doubles for Jane's different love scenes in the movie The Lover. Jane soon became the image model and spokesperson for the line of Chopard jewelry in 2004. She was once married to Carmine Zozzora, one of the co-producers of her other film, Color of the Night.

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