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Jasmin Gerat bio
Jasmin Gerat is a popular television host and actress in Germany born on December 25, 1978. She studied at the Citizens of Berlin Carl Orff primary school and at Kopernikus Comprehensive School. Jasmin's brush with stardom first came in 1994, where she won the Bravo Girl Choice competition. She joined the Look of The Year Model search. In 1995, Jasmin worked with local television TM3 to host a show. By the next year, she took over the show Chartbreaker and Bravo TV, which was previously hosted by Heike Makatsch. Jasmin took a time off from her busy schedule in order to go on a long vacation around the world. When she returned, she hosted MTV network's MTV Alarm. Jasmine's film career started in 1997 in the film Caipairanha. A photo shoot for the July 1998 issue of Playboy Magazine, where she was also featured on the cover followed. Jasmin also appeared in several TV dramas and theater productions which showcased her acting abilities.

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