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Jeanne Tripplehorn bio
American actress Jeanne Tripplehorn's date of birth is on the 10th of June 1963 and she hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jeanne started as a DJ at KMOD-FM, which is a radio station in Tulsa, using her alias "Jeanie Summers" while she was still in high school. She also hosted the horror marathon entitled "Creature Feature" as well as the music program "Night Shift", which was only aired in TV stations in Tulsa. Jeanne showed off her acting skills in Broadway in "Three Sisters" by Anton Chekov as well as off-Broadway in "The Big Funk" by John Patrick Shanley in 1990 and in "'Tis Pity She's a Whore" by John Ford in 1993. Her film debut was in the movie "The Perfect Tribune" in 1991. A year after that, she starred in the suspense film "Basic Instinct" opposite Michael Douglas. Some of her works include blockbuster movies "Waterworld", "The Firm" and "Reality Bites". Jeanne currently plays the role of Barbara in "Big Love". Jeanne used to date actor Ben Stiller, but got married to Leland Orser and they have a son together.

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