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Jennifer Johnson bio
American TV producer and writer Jennifer Johnson was known for her award-winning TV series "Lost" as well as "Reunion", "Cold Case" and "Chase". Jennifer received the Writers Guild of America (WGA) Award for "Best Dramatic Series" for the TV series "Lost". Jennifer's writing debut for TV was in the MTV series "Undressed" in 1999. She also wrote several episodes in the the fourth and fifth season of the TV drama "Providence" in 2004 and 2005. Jennifer worked as an executive story editor the final season of "The Guardian". In 2004, Jennifer became the co-producer of the hit TV series "Lost" and wrote two episodes. After "LOst", she produced and wrote the mystery series "Reunion". In 2006, Jennifer worked as the supervising producer and writer for "Cold Case" and was promoted to co-executive producer a year after that. In 2008, she became the executive producer for the same show. In 2010, Jennifer wrote the pilot episode of "Chase".

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