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Jennifer Morrison bio
American actress Jennifer Marie Morrison was born on the 12th of April 1979 in Chicago, but grew up in Arlington Heights, Illinois. She moved to Los Angeles after studying acting to pursue her a career in film. Jennifer started out as a child model working on print ads. At just age 15, she debuted on the film "Intersection" playing the daughter of Richard Gere and Sharon Stone. Jennifer finally got the lead role in the thriller "Urban Legends: Final Cut" in 2000. Her other films include "Big Stan", "Grind", "Surviving Christmas", "Mr. & Mrs. Smith". Jennifer is famous for her role as Dr. Allison Cameron in the hit TV series "House". She also appeared in several TV series such as "Touched by an Angel", "Dawson's Creek" and "Chase". Aside from acting, she also produced independent films and is one of the producers that created TV series "Glee". She was also featured in music videos such as Nick Lachey's "Shut Up" and The Donnas' "Too Bad About Your Girl". Jennifer had a relationship with co-star Jesse Spencer, but broke up in 2007. A year after that, she started dating Puerto Rican actor Amaury Nolasco.

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