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Joan Severance bio
Joan Severance (born December 23, 1958) is an actress and model from Houston, Texas. To be able to finance her college education, Joan penetrated the world of modeling when she was only 15. She dreamed to be a veterinarian but due to lack of money, she opted to just work as a model. Joan signed a contract with the Elite, a modeling agency. This enabled her to travel and reach Paris where she met and married Eric Milan. In 1984, the couple divorced. In the 1980s, Joan was able to have a career in acting and landed a role in the film Lethal Weapon. She also appeared in the movies Lake Consequence, Criminal Passion, and Payback. Joan also became a mainstay in the TV show Wiseguy. Came the 1990’s, Joan posed for two issues of the Playboy magazine. Fans of Joan Severance can soon see her on the program Wicked Wicked Games.

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