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Joely Richardson bio
Joely Richardson (born January 9, 1965) is an actress from London, England. She came from a family of actors; her father is a director and her mother is a popular movie actress in U.K. Her first acting stint was when she appeared in the film The Charge of the Light Bridge. She was only three then and worked as an extra. Joely's first major acting break in the movie industry was when she played as Joana Farley in the film Drowning by Numbers. Aside from this, she portrayed as a Finish princess in King Ralph and she was also given a part in Shining Through. Among the films that made her popular in the United States were 101 Dalmatians, The Patriot, The Affair of the Necklace. Today, she is seen in the TV drama Nip/Tuck together with her mom Vanessa Redgrave. She is a single mom to her 15-year old daughter.

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