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Julianna Guill bio
American actress Julianna Guill was born on the 7th of July 1987 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She moved to California after graduating in college to pursue an acting career. Julianna's acting debut was for the shot film "Be Good Daniel" in 2004. Julianna appeared in several TV series including "One Tree Hill", "CSI: Miami", "90210", "How I Met Your Mother" and "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation". She did an independent teen comedy "Costa Rican Summer" in 2009. Julianna did supporting roles for films "2 Dudes and A Dream" and "Fired Up" before getting the lead role in "Road Trip: Beer Pong" and the latest version of "Friday The 13th" both in 2009. In 2010, Julianna starred in "The Apparition", the thriller flick "Altitude" and the TV movie "My Super Psycho Sweet 16". Julianna also starred as Scarlet Hauksson in the TV series" My Alibi" in 2009 doing several episodes as well as Christie Dewitt in the TV series "Glory Daze" in 2010 doing nine episodes.

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