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Julia Ormond bio
English actress Julia Karin Ormond's date of birth is on the 4th of January 1965. She was from Epsom, Surrey, England but moved to London to study acting. This led her to star in several stage plays including "The Rehearsal", "The Crucible", "Wuthering Heights" and "Faith, Hope and Charity" where she received the Best New Comer Award from the London Drama Critics as well as the play "My Zinc Bed" where she got a nomination at the Olivier Awards. Since then, Julia starred with big Hollywood actors in films including "Legends of the Fall", "First Knight", "Sabrina", "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and the controversial film "The Baby of Macon". Julia also appeared on TV such as HBO's "Stalin", "Iron-Jawed Angels", "Varian's War", "Animal Farm", "Traffik", "CSI: New York" and "Temple Grandin" where she won an Emmy Award. Julia decided to put up her own independent production company in New York City producing the documentary "Calling the Ghosts: A Story of Rape, War and Women". Julia's marriage to actor Rory Edwards ended in 1994 and got re-married to political activist Jon Rubin in 1999 and they have a daughter together.

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