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Justine Bateman bio
Justine Bateman (born February 19, 1966) is a New Yorker actress. Her first acting stint happened in 1982 when she became a part of the TV show Family Ties where she portrayed Mallory Keaton. She starred in the sitcom together with famous actor Micheal J. Fox. In 1998, she was the lead actress in the movie Satisfaction. Celebrities Liam Neeson and Julia Roberts also starred in this movie about a struggling band. Justine also sang the soundtrack of the said film. In the same year, Justine hosted a Saturday Night Live episode. Justine had comeback in the TV scene when she appeared in Men Behaving Badly together with comedians Ron Eldard and Rob Schneider. She also was a part of some films that are made-for-TV. She admits that she suffered from anorexia and overeating when she was younger but she overcame her health problem when she did a 12-step program.

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