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Kate Hudson bio
People who have known Kate Hudson for a long time will immediately say that she can definitely light up a room. With her charismatic smile, solid dedication, and talent, she made her way up to the ladder of success in just a span of three years, and she did it without any influence from her equally successful mother, actress Goldie Hawn. She exchanged the chance to be enrolled in New York University for the glitter of stardom. Throughout her life, Kate was never close to her real father, Bill Hudson instead she considers actor Kurt Russell as her "real" father. When not busy with her showbiz commitments, Kate spends her time playing the guitar, writing songs, or engaging in arts and crafts. Likewise, she designs her own jewelries. In 1998, Kate Hudson made her movie debut in Desert Blue. But perhaps one of her biggest movies was as Penny Lane in Almost Famous in the year 2000. Incidentally, Kate turned down the role of Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker's girlfriend, in Spiderman for the role of Ethne Eustace in The Four Feathers. She is currently in a relationship with You, Me, and Dupree co-star Owen Wilson.

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