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Katie Holmes bio
The pretty and young actress Katie Holmes has become a household favorite after showcasing her acting prowess in the teen-oriented show about suburban adolescents " Dawson's Creek. In her role as Joey Potter, Katie instantly grab hold of her viewers' hearts and critics' praises. The said program has been receiving good reviews, which lasted from 1998-2003, because of Katie's and the other casts' incomparable performances. Katie, born as Katherine Noelle Holmes on December 18, 1978, was a native of Toledo, Ohio. It was in the said state where Katie initially planned becoming a model -- enrolling in Margaret O'Brien's Modeling School -- until she confidently sent her video to the Dawson's Creek producer. After the success of the teen-oriented drama, Katie became a part of several blockbuster flicks like Phone Booth, The Singing Detective, Pieces of April, and Abandon. Her recent flicks Batman Begins and Thank You for Smoking were worldwide hits. But what made Katie more controversial is her marriage to the Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise.

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