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Keeley Hawes bio
Brit actress Keeley Hawes's date of birth is on the 10th of February 1976. Keeley hails from Marylebone, London and used to work in a casino, before becoming a famous actress. Her life changed when she was discovered by a modeling scout while she was in Oxford Street. In 1989, she had her acting debut for the TV series "Forever Green" and since then appeared in several TV shows including "Troublemakers", "Karaoke", "Heartbeat", "Wives and Daughters", "Our Mutual Friend", "The Murdoch Mysteries" and recently in "Would I Lie To You?". Keeley is famous for portraying the character of Zoe in the Brit drama series "Spooks" and as Alex Drake in the police drama "Ashes to Ashes". Keeley's debut for the big screen was in the movie "The Avengers" in 1998 and did minor roles in several films such as "Complicity", "A Cock and Bull Story", "The Bank Job" and "Flashbacks of a Fool". Keeley is also known for doing the voice of famous video game character Lara Croft in "Tomb Raider".

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