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Kelli Garner bio
This undoubtedly famous and beautiful star of The Aviator and Man of the House was a native of Bakersfield California. She has no vivid idea that she'll become a famous actress until she was discovered in a bar when she was 16 and was casted to play a role in Architecture of Reassurance -- a blockbuster hit in 1999. Her incomparable performance attracted several movie producers that she was again given a chance to be a part of a beleaguering documentary-drama Bully, which tells about a young girl's addiction to illegal drugs. As if her star wasn't shining enough, the beautiful actress was given her first leading role in a flick with Tommy Lee Jones titled Man of the House. Aside from the said flick, Kelli became more popular after sharing the big screen, and not to mention some breathing space, with award-winning actor Leonardo Dicaprio in the blockbuster hit The Aviator -- a film by Martin Scorsese.

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