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Kelly Carlson bio
If you are an avid viewer or perhaps a fan of the famous TV show Nip/Tuck, then in a hate scale of 1-10, you must have had given a 10 for Kelly Carlson. Her acting for the role Kimber Henry was so convincing that real-life doctors would not want her as their client. But opposite to her controversial character in the said show, Kelly Carlson is actually sweet, polite, and down-to-to-earth. Born in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Kelly has been gracing the TV ads in the said state before she embarked the journey to Hollywood to be a popular actress. Kelly has been an endorser of Oliver People Sunglasses and Rembrandt, when she was not yet that famous. To improve her acting skills, the then young Kelly Carlson joined several theater productions. Today as an accomplished actress, she can add her roles in productions like Cheaters, Vanities, Can't Trust The Man, and Charlotte's Web to her resume aside from her blockbuster movies. Among her movies are Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation, Paparazzi, and the recent success opposite WWE star John Cena, The Marine. Kelly, although some audience won't like it, will be back in Nip/Tuck soon to wreak her sweetness and havoc among the surgeons.

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