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Kelly Lebrock bio
sA former model, Kelly LeBrock has managed to penetrate several branches of the entertainment industry as an actress and a TV personality. As a model, Kelly appeared on the cover of various magazines, including Christian Dior and was one of Eileen Fordís favorite models. Dubbed as a sex-symbol during the late 80ís, Kelly started modeling at the age of sixteen before appearing in her debut film The Woman in Red. What followed was another appearance in the movie Weird Science before starring opposite her then-husband Steven Seagal in Hard to Kill. Kelly then made appearances in several movies as well as participating in the reality show Celebrity Fit Club. Her most recent movie appearance was on 2009 on the film Prep School. The daughter of a French-Canadian father, and an Irish mother who is also a former model, Kelly was born in New York but grew up in London, England.

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