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Kesha bio
Kesha Rose Sebert is an American songwriter, singer and rapper who is more popularly known for her professional name Ke$ha. Her debut single “Tik Tok” was released in 2009 and conquered the charts in different countries and staying there for a record of nine consecutive weeks – the longest by far for this decade. However, the singer has been active in the music industry before that working as a songwriter for various artists as well as providing background vocals. It was her appearance on the single “Right Round” by Flo Rida on 2009 that got her major attention and launched her career as a solo singer. Since her debut, Kesha was nominated for various honors and eventually won the Best New Act in the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2010. Born in Los Angeles, California, Kesha is the daughter of single mother Pebe Sebert who worked as a singer and songwriter to support her and her older brother.

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