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Kim Basinger bio
Kim Basinger is a seasoned actress and a face that can surely attract and mesmerize men of all ages. This only proves that Miss Basinger is a beautiful woman complemented with unwavering sex appeal and unmatched acting capability. Kim Basinger was once a timid schoolgirl who came out of her shell and become a world-renowned supermodel and highly-acclaimed actress. Born as Kimila Ann Basinger on December 8, 1953 in Georgia. Even when she was a shy child, Kim prove to her parents and to the people of Athens that she is also one tough chick. Besting numerous contenders, this beauty was crowned Junior Miss Georgia and competed in the nationwide search for the Junior Miss pageant. After the pageant days, Kim went on to become Ford's supermodels and eventually a singer under the name Chelsea. It was after getting tired of the modeling world that she decided to be an actress. With her beauty and charm, she instantly landed roles in TV shows like Gemini Man. Dog and Cat, and Charlie's Angels. As for her movies, Kim can include Batman, The Natural, L.A. Confidential, 8 Mile, People I Know, and the Sentinel among others. Miss Basinger has a daughter wit actor Alec Baldwin whom she divorced in 2002.

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