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Kimberly Stewart bio
She is the daughter of Rod Stewart, a model, a top socialite, and a well-recognized fashionista. She is Kimberly Stewart, one of the most notorious party girls of Hollywood, and often the target of the paparazzi. But Kimberly Stewart is more than a frequent club and bar goer. She is also a model, and she has had many jobs under her belt. She has modeled for Blend Jeans, and she is also a model for Antz Pantz, a line of underwear made in Australia. She has also posed for Specsavers, and even Michelle Mone's lingerie line called Ultimo. Kimberly Stewart made her acting debut in 2002 in the show Undeclared. She has also guest starred in The Osbournes, and she has been seen in MTV's Cribs. A feature called Living with Kimberly Stewart was also made about her. Hoping to boost her career, Kimberly Stewart, who's quite a musician with piano and violin skills, is also taking voice lessons.

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