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Kristen Bell bio
Despite the fact that the showbiz industry is a dog-eat-dog world, Kristen Bell stays as one of the successful actresses of this generation. Intelligent, with an unbelievable sex appeal, and a beauty that is no less than the ordinary,this talented lady, who plays the role Veronica Mars in the drama opera with the same title, is a native of Michigan and a fan of the kid's hit show the Smurfs. Fortunately, Kristen grew up to become a glamorous lady with flawless skin instead of blue-colored one like her favorite characters in the show. Playing the title role in the said drama was a bit of a challenge for her because it requires her to be a bit tough by finding the real murderer of her best friend. Aside from the said series, Kristen has Deepwater, Pulse, Roman, and Fifty Pills to add in her resume as her recent movies.

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