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Lacey Chabert bio
Perhaps one of the most memorable young actresses to have appeared in the dramatic TV series "Party of Five" is the stunningly beautiful Lacey Chabert. Lacey was born to Tony and Julie Chabert in Mississippi. Prior to landing the part of Claudia Salinger on "Party of Five," she was actually a theater actress, taking on the difficult role of Cosette in the classic French play "Les Miserables." At the time, she was part of the famous "Broadway Kids" group, which also helped fellow member Christy Carlson Romano launch her acting career. She has provided her voice acting talents for several animated characters, such a Meg Griffin of "Family Guy." Meanwhile, her films roles have been few and far between, but she has had one truly memorable appearance on the silver screen in the cult teen hit "Mean Girls." This stunning Cajun currently lives in SoCal, and has recently been given the honor of gracing the cover of Maxim magazine's January 2007 edition.

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