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Laura Prepon bio
Laura Prepon is a talented young actress who has the right combination of looks and talent to get far in the industry. Born in New Jersey, her first few stints in Hollywood consisted of forgettable commercial parts and unremarkable roles in short-lived TV series. It wasn't until she landed the part of the feminist Donna Pinciotti in the smash-hit "That 70s Show" that she gained the popularity she deserved. While the said role has become a trademark for her, she has recently been working to improve her repertoire as a performer in an effort to avoid being typecasted. She has also appeared in the men's magazine Maxim twice in the past, both as a blonde and as a redhead (her natural hair color). In addition, she has lent her talents as a voice actress to Bungie Studios for the console game "Halo 2" and is also a major behind-the-scenes player for "E!'s Hollywood Hold'em" as an executive producer.

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