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Laura Ramsey bio
Laura Ramsey is an American actress most famous for her role in feature films such as the novel adaptation of Scott Smith’s “The Ruins”, Andy Fickman’s “She’s The Man”, and Renny Harlin’s “The Covenant”. Born on November 14, 1982, she decided to leave her hometown in Rosendale, Wisconsin immediately after her high school graduation to pursue her dream of stardom in Los Angeles. Her big break came when Ramsey was finally discovered while waiting tables in a local restaurant in Sunset Blvd. Her first audition landed her one of the lead roles in “She’s The Man” with Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum. She has also established a reputation as a singer and a movie and television actress. Ramsey was cast as a regular in the 2004 sitcom “The Days”. She can be seen guest-starring in various television series like Mad Men. Ramsey will be next seen in the upcoming crime and drama film, “Kill The Irishman” in 2011.

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