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Lauren Pope bio
This English national named Lauren Pope is a fashion glamour model, a previous Page 3 girl, an entrepreneur and a DJ. Pope stands 5’7 with flush blonde hair and tantalizing tint blue eyes. Pope’s birth date is September 29, 1983 (Torguay, UK). Pope is popularly known as “The Face of the London Club Scene”. In year 2007, Pope pursued her journey as a DJ and became part of “West London's top DJs”. Pope also named as “"World's Sexiest DJ" by Nuts Magazine. Pope is also a producer. Pope generated the remix song "Broken" by Pierre Lewis. The song landed the 6th spot in the Club Charts. Pope is also a businesswoman in nature. Pope pioneered a clip-in hair extensions business named “Hair Rehab London”. This brand is endorsed by Alex Foden (hairdresser). Pope appeared in the TV series such as “The Only Way Is Essex” (ITV2) in 2010 and “Tycoon”.

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