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Leah Remini bio
This American national named Leah Marie Remini is a star, a showbiz celebrity and an actress. Remini stands 5’3 with flush light brown hair and tantalizing dark brown tint eyes. Remini’s birth date is June 15, 1970 (Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, US). Remini’s parents are Vicki Marshall (teacher) and George Remini (businessman). Remini appeared in the big screen movies and TV series such as “Head of the Class” in 1988, “The Hogan Family” in 1991, “Getting Up and Going Home” in 1992, “Star Witness” in 1995, “Biker Mice from Mars” in 1996, “Critics and Other Freaks” in 1997, “Follow Your Heart” in 1998, “Fat Actress” in 2005, “Married Not Dead” in 2009, “The Talk” in 2010 and many more. Right now, Remini is living with Angelo Pagán (actor), her husband since 2003 and Sofia Bella (daughter) since 2004. Remini is also part of “The Church of Scientology”.

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