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Linda Fiorentino bio
Linda Fiorentino, renowned for her unique voice and very dark appeal, is one of Hollywood's hardest-working actresses. Sadly, she's also one of the least decorated, though many fans are confident she'll get an award eventually. She is best known for creating a modern rendition of the traditional film Noir femme fatale, in the form of the character Bridget, in the incredible film "The Last Seduction." She has also had appearances in a number of films, like the original "Men In Black," the religious satire "Dogma," and a low-key appearance in the movie "Liberty Stands Still," from 2002. She has appeared in other films, though the roles have been less memorable. She divorced John Byrum in 1993, after being married for a few years. She currently lives with her family, which includes several sisters, nieces, and a few nephews. She's also a supporter of the Democratic Party, as exemplified by her donation to the campaign fund of former First Lady Hilary Clinton, back in 2000.

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