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Lisa Comshaw bio
This American national named Lisa Comshaw also named as Tory (Tori) Sinclair, Lisa Elaine,Lisa Shaw, Lisa Sutton is a celebrity actress, TV personality, a director, fashion glamour model and a producer. Comshaw stands 5’6 with flush blonde hair and enticing eyes. Comshaw birth date is February 18, 1964 (Akron, Ohio, USA). Comshaw appeared in big screen movies and TV series like “Nudes in Lace” in 1990, “Nude Bondage Weekend” in 1991, “Atomic Woman and the Masked Marauder” in 1992, “The Punishment of Ashley Renee” in 1993, “Whitney and the Sneaky Salesman” in 1994, “Nude House Party” in 1995, “Ladies in Leather: Tori Sinclair” in 1996, “The Aaron James Special Video Compilation” in 1997, “The Aaron James Special Video Compilation” in 1998, “Matt Takes on the Harmony Bondagettes” in 2001, “Deviant Vixens 2 in 2002, “Girl Gangbound 1,2,3” and a lot more shows. Comshaw also featured and appeared in magazines and commercials.

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