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Being the offspring of someone with power in Hollywood is often seen as a positive thing. It did wonders for the career of Tori Spelling, granddaughter of the legendary producer and series creator Aaron Spelling, for one thing. However, critics can quickly be countered at accusations of nepotism when Liv Tyler is concerned, because's she's more than proven her acting mettle in her career. Her first acting appearance came from the music video for "Crazy" alongside then-unknown Alicia Silverstone. The song was written by Aerosmith, her father Steven Tyler's band. Eventually, she gained more mainstream popularity with the movie-going public with her performance as Grace Stamper in the disaster movie "Armageddon," which included a song by Aerosmith in the soundtrack. Easily considered as among the most attractive women on the planet, she later took on the role of Arwen, an elven princess, in the "Lord of the Rings" movie trilogy.

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