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Lori Loughlin bio
This American national named Lori Anne Loughlin is a phenomenal actress, a celebrity star, and a TV personality. Loughlin stands 5’6 with dark brown flush hair and tantalizing eyes. Loughlin’s birth date is 28 July 1964 (Queens, New York, US). Lori appeared in the big screen movies and TV series such as “The Smith Family” in 1971, “The Edge of Night” in 1980, “The Tom Swift and Linda Craig Mystery Hour” in 1983, “Back to the Beach” in 1987, “To Grandmother's House We Go” in 1992, “Suckers” in 1999, “In the Line of Duty: Blaze of Glory” in 1997, “Justice League Unlimited” in 2004, “Moondance Alexander” in 2007, “Meet My Mom” in 2010 and other more shows. Lori achieved the “Best Performance in a Drama Series Storyline" (PRISM Awards) in 2006. Lori is the ex wife of Michael Burns and now living with Mossimo Giannulli (businessman) along with two kids.

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