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Ludivine Sagnier bio
French women rarely make an impact outside of fashion runways and the media of their native France. This is such a shame because the country has some truly attractive, truly exceptional women. Among the many names of French beauties that should have more exposure outside of the French media, the lovely Ludivine Sagnier stands out. Having grown up in La Celle-Saint-Cloud, Ludivine enrolled for acting classes as a child and made a debut in the film industry early on. Her first film, which she appeared in at the age of 10, was "Je veux rentrer a la maison," which experienced minor success. During her later years, she started to appear in nude scenes, particularly for the films "Bon plan" and "Swimming Pool," which was considered a great success. Though her projects involve mostly being in the nude, she mentioned in an interview that she was not fond of playing such scenes and that she showered heavily after shooting. She says that her reasons lie with her dislike of the intimate physical contact required.

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