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Lynda Carter bio
She was the ultimate seventies television star, and the character she played is one that youíre likely to never forget. Lynda Carter was the fierce Amazonian also known as Wonder Woman, and she had this amazing role from the years of 1975 up to 1979. Lynda Carter was born in Arizona on July 25, 1951. As a child, she grew up as a comic book fan, especially of the Wonder Woman variety. A talented lady, Lynda Carter opted to not finish her schooling, but instead, she took a stab at being a rock star. This didnít quite work out, but an appearance at a beauty contest soon gave her Miss America Arizona fame, and she won this prestigious title in 1972. Before she became notorious as Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter first had bit parts in shows like Starsky and Hutch as well as Cos. The hit show based on the comic book came a few years later, and this gave Lynda Carter a most lasting presence in show business.

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