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There are very few artists out there that have made the same impact or have attained the same level of controversy as Madonna. The musician is as known for her music (which includes memorable songs such as "Like A Virgin" and "Papa Don't Preach") as she is for the insane stunts and imagery she's been known to use during her concerts. Officially excommunicated from the Catholic Church for the blasphemous use of the cross during a live performance hasn't stopped her from becoming one of the richest, most world-renowned artists today. From her first album, "Madonna," to her latest outing into the business, "Confessions on a Dance Floor," she definitely has experienced worldwide success. Of course, critics point out that her more recent outings have not had the same impact and effect on the pop music scene as her older albums, such as the infamous "Erotica" album, which is regarded as a typical example of Madonna when the artist is performing at her peak. Many believe she hasn't made an album of that quality since "Music," released in 2000.

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