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Mandy Moore bio
Mandy Moore is sometimes considered a "contemporary" and "peer" to fellow teen queens Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. After breaking into the scene with the CD, "So Real," Mandy has taken her career on a slow path (in comparison to her contemporaries) of success. Her first studio album was followed up with a string of hit singles, including the track "Someday We'll Know" for the film "A Walk To Remember," which is one of her most prominent lead roles so far. After the said role, she bagged a part that endeared her to the video game community (which has traditionally been hostile to artists like her) by providing the voice for Aerith Gainsborough in the hit game "Kingdom Hearts" by SquareEnix. In contrast to Lance Bass, who also portrayed a character in the game, Moore's presence was well received by gamers. While critics have been slower to warm up to Moore than they have been to Simpson and Spears, there is no denying that her career (as of now) is on more solid ground than either of the above.

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