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Manuela Arcuri bio
If you're male and you don't find Italian beauty Manuela Arcuri to be attractive, some might be inclined to think there's something wrong with you. With strong emotional and moral support from her parents, Manuela Arcuri ventured into the modeling world in Italy. She carries herself with a natural charm so it didn't take long for her to start appearing in highly seductive poses in her pictorials. Eventually, the entertainment industry in her homeland spotted her, which lead to her bagging her first breaks in 1995, in "Black Holes" and "Graduates," though her roles in both were rather minor. She then went on to star in a number of films that received critical praise from the Italian media. However, her most prominent role yet came in the film "Juana la Loca," which translates as "Mad Love," back in 2001. She has also gained a prominent guest role for herself on Italian TV on the show "Disokkupati."

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