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Mariah Carey bio
Mariah Carey is known as an artist of Irish, African-American, and Venezuelan descent and who grew up with much discrimination through the years. She was raised only by her mom who discovered her musical talents when she was young. During her high school years, she often dreamt about being a big singing superstar and wrote lots of compositions. In 1988, her dreams came to actualize. She became Brenda Starrs’ backup singer, and Tommy Mottola, a famous producer, discovered her talent when he heard Mariah’s demonstration tape. Mariah then became an artist and had a debut album, which landed on number one on the music charts; later on, she won a number of Grammy’s. After winning such award, she launched more hits including “Butterfly,” “Rainbow,” “Heartbreaker,” and “Against All Odds”. In 2001, she experienced a breakdown while she was promoting her album, “Glitter.” Apparently overwhelmed by fatigue, she took the advice of her doctors and went on a break from her music career. In 2005, Mariah returned with hit albums again such as “Charmbracelet” and “The Emancipation of Mimi." She also founded Camp Mariah, which provides chances of good lives to many young people.

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