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Maria Sharapova bio
Born in Russia, Maria Sharapova had many experiences since her childhood. At age 4, she met Yevgeny Kafelnikov, the man who gave her first tennis racket and who happens to be known as the “father of tennis.” A couple of years later, she bumped into Martina Navratilova, someone who is considered a heroine of tennis. With these experiences, it is no surprise that Maria later on became her idols. Inspired by her Martina's confidence, Maria urged her dad to take her to the world-renowned tennis academy, Bollettieri Tennis Academy, which is located in Florida. She attended the said academy, with the help of IMG, a sports management enterprise. In 2001, she started her pro career and rapidly became a tennis sweetheart. After joining the WTA Tour and winning two major titles in 2003, this young woman became internationally famous. Today, she is one of the youngest and very few Russians who have won a prestigious Wimbledon title.

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