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Marilyn Monroe bio
Marilyn Monroe, or Norma Jean Mortenson in real life, was among the very famous celebrities that made it big in the business. Marilyn was a beautiful model, an actress, a singer, and an icon. She was noted to have comedy skills and a stage presence beyond no other. Marilyn was even regarded as the 6th most famous star, as stated by the American Film Institute. In her early days, she worked in Radioplane Factory Company as a paint sprayer; not long after, a photographer discovered her potential and her modeling career took off. She signed with a modeling agency called The Blue Book and found herself in a lot of ads and magazines afterward. Later on, she auditioned for 20th Century Fox, which began her acting career. Aside from this film company, she also signed for Columbia Pictures. During the peak of her acting career, she became addicted to sleeping pills, which were the alleged cause of this actress' death. Other speculations were raised such as Marilyn involvement with the Kennedy’s and her death being a murder. Up to now, what caused her death is still a mystery.

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