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Marley Shelton bio
This American national named Marley Eve Shelton is a celebrity actress and a TV personality. Shelton stands 5’6 with flush blonde hair and tint blue enticing eyes. Shelton’s birth date is April 12, 1974 (Los Angeles, California, USA). Shelton’s parents are Carol Stromme (teacher and singer) and Christopher Shelton (director). Shelton appeared in big screen movies and TV shows like “Bodies of Evidence” in 1992, 1990 movie “The Family Man”, 1993 movie “Ambush in Waco: In the Line of Duty”, “When Friendship Kills” in 1996, “Hercules in the Underworld” in 1994, 2004 movie “The Old Man and the Studio”, “Planet Terror” in 2007, “A Perfect Getaway” in 2009, “Elektra Luxx” in 2010 and a lot more. Right now, Shelton is living in Los Angeles along with Beau Flynn, her husband producer since year 2001 and together with their kid named West Flynn. Shelton is engaged in Yoga and travelling around the world.

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