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Maryam Dabo bio
Maryam Dabo is more than just an ordinary name in Hollywood. Because of her distinct talent in acting, she is known as among the most talented stuff out there. Though she was born in a royal country---England---where acting is not promoted as much as in America, Maryam still pursued her dream of being an actress by joining some local flicks. Her debut movie was "Xtro" in 1983, which is a controversial horror film. Because of her great acting talent, she was able to receive more film projects including "If Tomorrow Comes," which is based on Sidney Sheldon's literary work. But Maryam's fame really began when she got a major role in a famous James Bond movie, "The Living Daylights" in 1987. Since then, Maryam has become a popular Bond Girl icon. So after making more Hollywood films and shaping her skills in acting, Maryam lived with her Bond Girl image and created her own show known as "Bond Girls Are Forever."

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