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Melanie Griffith bio
Melanie, born in the city of New York, was a celebrity since birth. Being a daughter of a famous businessman and a celebrity mom who starred in a lot of Hitchcock movies, she is obviously inspired by her parents to follow in their footsteps. She even got her screen name from a role her mother had played. At such a young age of 14, Melanie already lived with Johnson, 22 at that time, who was her partner in the movie "The Harrad Experiment." As expected, their union did not last long. After her separation with Johnson, Melanie became addicted to drugs and alcohol, which affected her career. She stopped acting for quite a while, but decided to come back later with awards to reclaim her former glory. It is said before that the ghosts of her addiction haunted her and she was reported as an abuser drug called Norco, a famous painkiller. But despite being a favorite of the paparazzi and rumormongers, Melanie grew as a very good actress. Some of her famous movies were "Night Moves," "Smile," "The Drowning Pool," "Working Girl," and "Milk Money." Currently, Melanie is with Antonio Banderas, who joins her in being involved in anti-drug addiction programs.

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