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Michelle Pfeiffer bio
Michelle Pfeiffer is among the favorite Hollywood actors who have lived a successful acting career. But this young girl did not immediately display potentials for acting because she grew up in a typical childhood environment where she was always a subject of ridicule for her classmates. In fact, Michelle used to have name calls such as "duck" and "Michelle mudturtle." As a child, she was accused as a lesbian because she was bigger compared to the normal height. In college, Michelle still lived a typical college student life---she did not take school seriously and cut classes just to unwind at the beach. However, because of Michelle's innate talents, she was discovered as an actress and soon appeared in various film projects with famous celebrities. Though this talented woman is not a favorite subject of media, Michelle is known to many because of her naturally beautiful skin. Though cosmetic surgery is becoming a trend in Hollywood, Michelle still continues to impress her fans as among the very few stars who have become famous without having a boob job.

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