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Michelle Rodriguez bio
Michelle Rodriguez, a Texas-born actress, had an extraordinary life before she entered the show business. Though Michelle had her parents, she grew up under the care of her grandmother. At age 8, Michelle and her family transferred to several places including New Jersey and the Dominican Republic. With all the changes in her life, Michelle got confused of what she really wanted and ended up dropping out of school. As she was growing up, Michelle got involved in several court charges including a famous assault case sometime in 2002. But as this actress matured, she realized that she had enough of her cruel past. So, she started anew by engaging in an independent film, which eventually opened her door to her current career. Because Michelle displayed an excellent performance, she received positive criticisms from well-acclaimed movie critics. Since then, Michelle Rodriguez has become among the favorite actors in Hollywood; her film credits consist of hits like "The Fast and the Furious," while her TV projects include the critically acclaimed ABC series, "Lost".

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