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Michelle Williams bio
Michelle started out as an actress when her parents advised her to join the community theater near their hometown in San Diego. Her efforts were soon rewarded when at the age of 14, she had her first break in the adaptation of "Lassie." Afterwards, she played minor roles in "Timemaster" and "Species." But contrary to what other celebrities do, Michelle went on with school. As soon as she finished her studies, she returned to the limelight and had several movie projects. Her first big part was in the highly acclaimed TV series "Dawson's Creek," which opened her door to a lot of opportunities to work with big producers. Later, she starred in "Imaginary Heroes," "Prozac Nation," "Me Without You," "Safety Glass," "Land of Plenty," "Perfume," and the big hit "Brokeback Mountain," which was directed by no other than the famous Ang Lee. Her performance in this last film gained her one Golden Globe Award and an Oscar nomination. In the film, she met Heath Ledger, who also became her real-life partner. Now, she enjoys the company of two persons in her life: her husband and their little girl, Matilda Rose.

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