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Mindy McCready bio
Mindy McCready is an American country singer who claimed to be influenced by the likes of Madonna and Amy Grant. She was born on Novemebr 30, 1975 in Fort Myers, Florida under her real name Melinda Gayle McCready. Her screen name “Mindy” was her nickname ever since she was born. McCready was only three years old when she was exposed to music, particularly praise and worship songs from her local church. In 1996, she released her first debut album, entitled “Ten Thousand Angels” when she was only sixteen. Her single “Guys Do It All The Time” became a chart-topper, as well as three other singles from the same album. McCready’s debut album earned Multi-Platinum twice. Success continued during the release of her second album “I Don’t Stay The Night” in 1997. However, her third album “I’m Not So Tough” bombed and BNA was forced to let her go. She later signed a contract with Capitol Record and produced her fourth and fifth album.

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